Which Brow Product should I use?

Pencil, Powder,  Pomade or Gel.... that is the question. 


Gone are the days of walking in to a Boots or Superdrug and grabbing the one brow product available on the shelf. 


Now we have the have to decide which of the 4 types of products we should go for and wonder what the hell the difference is between them all. 

Well I am going to try and make it a little bit easier for you today. 


OK let's start with the good old Pencil. 


Eyebrow Pencils are great for anyone with gaps in your brows, asymmetry, or if your brows become sparse towards the tail of your brow.


You will need to keep it constantly sharp if you want to create the illusion of individual brow hairs so this might not be the best product for you. but if you want to fill in any gaps or just bring your arch slightly higher on one side so it matches the other brow more then pencils are great, quick and easy to use. 

- Side note: If you use a waxy brow pencil you can also use it as a base for your brow powder to stick to. 


Brow Powders are for if you want a softer look, you won't be able to create the illusion of individual hairs with these but again they are super quick and easy to use. they are great for anyone that just needs to fill in a couple of gaps in their brows, wants to just darken their natural brows slightly or anyone that struggles with their brow products coming off throughout the day can use a brow powder to set the product in place and help it last longer. 

- Side note:  Brow powders probably aren't for you if you have dry skin. (powder will dry our your skin further around your brow area and these powders work best if they have slightly oilier skin to attach to. 


Brow Pomade is usually my go to brow product. it's great for those of us with thin sparse brows and anyone that struggles to keep their brow products in place. 

Brow pomades set so after a couple of minutes of applying them they aren't going to budge or transfer at all. They are also great for keeping those unruly brow hairs in place. You can get a more defined look with a Pomade by using it with a very fine brow brush so that you can create individual brow hairs. 

Side note: Brow Pomades take a little more time apply as you are having to repeatedly apply it to the brush. 


Brow Gel is great for those of you with full, thick brows that just need a little taming from time to time. 

You just simply brush the gel through your brows in the direction you want them to go and it will set and dry quickly. You can also use these as a final step to keep your brows neat and laying flat on top of pencil or powder. 

Side note: Gels are usually clear or have a slight colour so they are not ideal for anyone wanting to fill in gaps or define brow shapes. 



I hope this has helped explain the difference between some of the various brow products and which one might be best for you. 


Have an amazing weekend beautifuls 


Much Love 


  • Oct 09, 2020
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