Subtle Contour for Newbies

Hey Lovelies, 


I wanted to do this video because I see a lot of you say you wouldn't know where to start with contouring or that you tried it and it went horribly wrong. 

I wanted to show you that contouring can really put life and definition back into the face and doesn't need to be complex to achieve a very subtle contour to the face. 


I hope this video helps <3 



Hopefully you can see from this that contouring can be as simple and subtle as you want it to be. 


Products Used: 

Cream Contour: Fenty Beauty Match Stix in shade Amber 

Brush: Zamira Contour Brush 

Sponge: COABE Antimicrobial Sponge



Have the most incredible bank holiday weekend. 


Much Love 

  • Apr 29, 2022
  • Category: MY DIARY
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