Simple highlighting trick to get dewy glowing makeup


Let their be Light!


Let me begin with explaining what highlighter is for anyone that isn’t familiar.

Highlight is a makeup product we apply to our faces to reflect sunlight or for those of us working a 9-5 indoors, reflect artificial office lights to blind our co-workers.  It’s usually applied to high points of the face to draw attention to cheekbones, brow bones etc.

There is also another reason some people apply Highlighter and that is to create that dewy glowy Holiday skin effect and I am going to be sharing a little application trick with you that will give you exactly that!


So Today’s diary entry is about pressed Highlighters.


There are so many different kinds of highlighters on the market from liquid drops, sticks to strobe creams and I will be talking about some of their pro’s and Con’s in another blog post soon but for Today lets not over complicate things and stick with the pressed/baked kind.


OK so if you are after that really natural looking dewy, sunkissed glow you want to choose a highlighter that doesn’t contain glitter flecks because lets be honest ain’t nobody got a glittery sun tan from going on holiday before.


Here are a few I would recommend for different budgets.


Ofra Mini Highlighter – Beauty Bay - £11.00



Barry M Tri Blend Highlighter –Look Fantastic- £6.49


Laura Mercier Face Illuminator – John Lewis - £34.50


Right, now we have the WHAT out the way, get ready for the HOW!


So my tip for getting that Glass face, dewy glow while using a pressed powder hightlight is to apply it with a damp makeup sponge!


Yes I usually dislike makeup sponges A LOT because they soak up a lot of liquid products like foundation etc. but for pressed highlighters they give the most gorgeous soft blended dewy glow!


Just take your egg shaped sponge, run it under a warm tap, squeeze out the excess water so it’s just damp,  rub it into your pressed highlighter and bounce it over the tops of your cheekbones, up on to your temples, tip or bridge of your nose and your cupids bow.

This will give the illusion that your makeup is more like well hydrated dewy “Glass Skin”


Since discovering this little trick I have been obsessed with this method so I wanted to share the glow with you all.


That’s it from me Today, if you give this a try I would love to hear what you think!


Much Love

  • Feb 28, 2020
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