Prime Time!
To Prime or Not to Prime, that is the question.


Well my short answer is YES! ALWAYS!


Although we don’t always see the immediate difference, trust me when I say there is!

I have tested side by side and with/ without many times in the past and every time primer wins hands down!


So the question should really be which type of primer?!?!


OK so this is fairly easy to answer…It really comes down to the skin type you have.



Smashbox Primerizer – £30.00 for 30ml or £15.00 for 15ml

*Vegan & Cruelty Free

If you have dry /flaky Skin you want a hydrating/moisturising primer!

I have recommended this primer because honestly it has transformed my makeup!

It has helps with soooo many factors from replenishing the moisture your skin so desperately craves for a nice supple smooth surface appearance, preventing your foundation clinging to your dry areas, preventing flaking areas of the skin and even reducing fine lines! - Can I get a hell yes!







Rimmel Stay Matte Primer - £6.45

If you have oily skin you want something to mattify the skin/prevent as much oil being produced as possible. Products that contain salicylic acid are great at reducing the amount of oil your skin produces and acting as an oil barrier between your skin and your foundation


 So if you are sick of your makeup sliding off, going greasy or breaking down within a few hours of applying it! Mattifying primers are going to become your oil fighting side kick! 


  • A COMBINATION OF BOTH!                                                                   


Smashbox Photo Finish Minimize Pores - £28.00

If you have combination skin you ideally want to use 2 different primers.  One size does not fit all when it comes to primer

This is something a lot of people don’t realise but as your skin has dry areas as well as oily they need to be treated differently.


For instance; I apply a moisturising primer all over the face to hydrate, improve the surface texture of the skin and plump up the wrinkles around my under eye area first.

Once this has started to dry after a minute or two I then apply a mattifying Pore minimising primer to my oily T Zone area and where I have enlarged pores.






If you don't suffer with your makeup clinging to dry patches or flaky areas of skin, nor do you get oily then the world is your oyster!

(Excuse me while I dream of being one of these people for a minute)

If you are one of these blessed few then you can look at primers to combat any other issues you may have,  such as Pore minimising primers, redness reducing primers etc. 


P.S. - Redness reducing primers are usually the green coloured primers ,

P.P.S - they also help colour correct red acne areas.

P.P.P.S - If you are a darker skin complexion and your acne is not red but a darker colour than the rest of your complexion, you want an orange toned primer.


I know that two out of the three primers I have recommended here are Smashbox and before anyone asks, No, I am in no way affiliated or associated with Smashbox BUT Smashbox have invested HEAVILY in their primer development and it has paid off as so far I haven’t found one to beat them.


Side note: If you think you have found a primer to rival or beat any of the primers I have listed here Please, please, please let me know as I like to keep up with new products coming out and also I would LOVE to find a cheaper alternative if it exists.  


So to summarise, Yes primer is important! not only will it help your makeup last longer it can also help dramatically with dry or oily skin types, improve the appearance of your overall makeup, reduce the appearance of fine lines and enlarged pores AND you can even cover up redness and acne!


So embrace the primer Ladies, it’s got your back.


Much Love 


  • Mar 09, 2020
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