My 4 Favourite Eyeshadow Palettes!

One thing I get asked a LOT is what eyeshadow palettes do I use...

It would be easier for me to answer with which ones I don't use in all honesty as I have been like a magpie over the years, collecting and bringing them back to my nest.  

The other issue with that question is that I use some shades from one palette and then sometimes shades from 2 other palettes for 1 makeup look so it's not a one palette fits all kind of thing. 

BUT I do have a couple of favourites at the moment which I am going to share with you. 



 This is actually one that I have had FOREVER, It was once my go to eyeshadow palette but for some reason over time I completely forgot about it until a couple of months ago when i happened to find it in my drawer and fell in love with it again. 



So nice, I picked them twice. 

I actually have 2 of these palettes, one is the Rose Palette and the other is the Beige Palette. 

The one on the left is the Rose Palette and the one on the right is the Beige. 

The Rose palette is such a gorgeous palette for spring/summer and there are some gorgeous soft pink shimmer tones that would look lovely on bridesmaids 

So these palettes aren't heavily pigmented but that can be a good thing sometimes, it means you don't have to be too scared of applying too much, you can build it up as much as you want. 

(side note: I took these pictures with my phone and the lighting does not show them off  well at all but if you have a look online you will see MUCH better pictures of them than mine!) 



Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk Palette 

Ok so I bought this one about 3 months ago and I LOVE IT! she has broken them up in to 4 different sections that you can also mix and match. 


My favourite colours in this palette are: The 1st and 3rd shades in the "Day" Section, The 1st shade in the "Desk" Section and the 2nd and 3rd shade from the "Date" section. 

these are VERY pigmented colours, a little goes a very and the shimmers are a lovely buttery powder texture so they really glide on. 



Again my photography skills are not great and I took this picture under artificial tube lights in my garage/office so it's not the photo you should base your decision on. A quick google/click on her website will show you how BAD this picture is in comparison to it in person. :) 




So this little beauty I got in the Black Friday Sale if I remember rightly. 

this palette has a nice big selection of shades it also has 8 Matte shades 7 Shimmers, 1 Shimmer Glitter and 2 Glitters!

My favourite colours in this are: Desert Sand, Musk, Oud, and Cashmere! 

OK so Cashmere is my favourite because not only do I absolutely love this colour in a shimmer but it also takes me back to my child hood.

I remember my mum used to wear an eyeshadow colour almost identical to this when ever she got dressed up to go out and I would sit on the bed next to her and watch her put her of makeup on, mesmerised by it all. 

So this colour takes me back to that <3 

There are some really fun colours in this palette and again a very little amount goes a long way with this. 



Urban Decay:  Jean-Michel-Basquiat Palette

OK so this Palette has had a LOT of use as you can see but at least you know I am not lying when I say I wore this palette almost everyday for a year! 

So as you can see my favourite colours are the first 2 well actually the first 3 but you only need a tiny amount of the shade "Not for Sale" I also love the shade Pseudonym which is the dark midnight blue shade that is almost verging on black. It's a great colour to darken up the outer corner of an eye look. 

I would say the first 2 colours are the least pigmented so you have to pick up a fair bit of the eyeshadow but the rest of the colours are very pigmented. I think for what ever reason they used a different formula to get the first 2 shades. 

the eyeshadow pans are very large so you do get a lot of product for your money and I believe this is one of Urban Decays least expensive eye shadow palettes. 



So there you have my 4 favourite eyeshadow palettes. 

You can probably tell my favourite eyeshadow colours are beige and browns and soft rose colours. I just think they are really flattering on most people. 


I would love to hear if you have any of these or if there are any other palettes you would recommend. This magpie is always on the lookout for a new shinny to bring back to her nest. 


Much Love & Speak Soon 


  • May 15, 2020
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