Lipsticks that make your teeth whiter!

I was asked this question yesterday and I know it's something a lot of us want to know about so here we are. 


We've all had that issue before right, where we have bought a lipstick in a shade that we LOVE!, we've got it home, tried it straight on and......urgh, it makes my teeth look Yellow!


the opposite, we have borrowed a friends lipstick and BOOM! we suddenly have whiter than white teeth and we have no idea how or why.


Well yes you didn't imagine it, Different lipstick colours can make your teeth either appear either whiter or more yellow. 


Sounds crazy but it all comes down to the undertones in the lipstick.

Anything with a blue undertone will make your teeth appear whiter and anything with with a warm (orange or yellow) undertone will make your teeth appear more yellow. 

Sooooo with that in mind here are some lipsticks with blue undertones for every occassion. 


 NYX Lip Cream - Amsterdam

This is the perfect statement lipstick and as it has blue undertones rather than orange it makes your teeth look Bright white




Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Lips - Dolly Bird

This is a great lipstick for a daytime lunch or coffee with friends and has a blue undertone to it. 



 Hourglass - I can't Live Without


Lancôme Juicy Shaker - Mint to Be 

Finally if you don't feel like wearing any lipstick or you want to wear a lipstick you already own and while getting that pearly white appearance to your teeth. This little blue tinted gloss is perfect to apply on top.  it gives a subtle blue hue that will get your teeth sparkling. 


Don't worry your lips wont look blue, it will just give your lipstick a very slight blue undertone. 

So to summarise, if you want your teeth to look whiter or you have some discolouration in your teeth that you don't want to bring attention to then stick with a blue undertone in your lipstick and avoid orange or yellow undertones. 


I hope this helps oh and p.s. I am in no way affiliated with any of the products I have suggested, it's just my personal opinion <3


Much Love 

  • Aug 28, 2020
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