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Hello Beautiful, 

So I have a whole list of videos to record that you have all asked for but I haven't had chance to sit down and record them this week but I will get to it next week I pinky promise. 


OK so I shouldn't really be saying anything yet but I have a big mouth when I am excited and haven't seen anyone that I can talk about it to in a LONG TIME! 

The reason I am excited is because I got to take a product we are about to launch in the next 4 weeks to the photographers It was exciting because...

A) I got to have an actual real life conversation with someone other than Dean! 


B) Because it felt like crossing the finishing line on the London Marathon. I started this project 2 years ago!

2 years! I wanted it to be just right so we had a lot of back and forth and formulation changes etc. But it is finally ready! 

I think I am so excited for this because it's the first product I have made specifically because you all asked for it. Our other products are either ones that I really wanted to develop because I thought it would help in some way or make something easier etc. But this one was made for you all because you asked for it and that makes it feel so much more special.




It's also the first formula based product which means it's not an accessory or tool it's something you use so that has been a whole new learning experience for me and has taught me so much which will make all the other products and projects I am working on for you all so much easier and smoother. 

I can't even tell you how excited I am for you all to see it and try it but for now I am just trying to keep my big mouth shut so I don't get in too much trouble. 


One other thing I want to mention...

Some of you that follow me on my Instagram may of seen me talk about this the other day but I just want to remind you that most of what you see on social media is fake!  When you're comparing your skin to someone on social media the chances are it isn't real! It is either filtered, photoshopped or has been taken in perfect lighting which means it isn't a fair comparison. 

I don't use filters because I think they are really damaging to your own mental health let alone to the people looking at them and comparing themselves to that image. Seeing your skin so smoothed out, noses shrunk, lips enhanced it creates a warped perception of what you think you should look like and creates a really negative relationship between you and the mirror so I don't use them (unless it's a crazy animal filter, then I just can't resist).

I also NEVER photoshop!....OK so I wouldn't have a clue how to use it even if I wanted to but also because if I did use it,  I'm telling myself and anyone else that looks at the picture or video or what ever that I am not good enough as I am and it leads others to think they too aren't good enough in their real life natural form and that for me is worrying. 


BUT! I do use a ring light and although a ring light is not the same as a filter or photo shop it is still the most flattering lighting.

I use a ring light because without it you wouldn't be able to see the details of what I am doing on camera, the colours I am using, exactly where I am putting things, how I am blending etc. 


Yesterday on Instagram I did a quick comparison of how I looked stood on my doorstep facing the day light (good lighting) compared to me with my back turned to it (poor lighting) and facing my door so you can see the difference lighting can make to how your skin looks. I have been posting pictures of me in normal lighting in my kitchen etc. on Instagram a lot more recently so you can see what my skin really looks like in natural lighting and so you can see that there is NOTHING WRONG WITH YOUR SKIN OR HOW YOU LOOK!

I am talking about it so much now because so many of you beautiful women send me pictures asking why your skin has texture or your pores look more exaggerated or your lines look deep etc. and all of these pictures are taken inside your house, usually at night or with your back turned to the day light which causes shadowing and makes texture etc. look more exaggerated. 

You are comparing those pictures taken in a poorly lit room with a picture of someone on social media that has been taken in the perfect lighting, with a filter and a sprinkling of photoshop on top and wondering why your skin doesn't look like that or why your skin looks so "bad"

It doesn't look like that because it's not possible, their skin doesn't even look like that! There is nothing wrong with your skin, you are human and you are perfectly perfect just as you are! 


Just be mindful of what you allow in your social media newsfeed. If it feels like it could be have a damaging unconscious effect on you or the way you see yourself then unfollow the account. I promise when your social media isn't filled with airbrushed pictures and filters and is replaced with real skin instead you will start to have a much better relationship with your skin and your mirror <3

Pablo looks so much cuter without the filter....and so do you <3 


Much Love & Speak Soon 


  • Apr 16, 2021
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