Hey My Lovelies, 


I hope you are well and ready for a lovely weekend. 

I can't believe I am saying this but Tomorrow I turn 35! 


Seriously where have the last 10 years gone?! 


I remember my mum used to say to me, wait until you get to my age and see how fast time goes then and I completely get it now. Every year seems to go faster and faster. 


Remember when we were kids and the 6 weeks holidays felt like an entire lifetime!

Now if I take too long blinking, 6 weeks has gone by and a hangover lasts a full month. 

I would love to say I don't feel 35 but truth is, my mind doesn't feel 35 but my back feels like it's 96! 

Like at what point should the thought of an orthopaedic bed sound exciting? because for me this started around a year ago and I am happy with it. 

My weekend wants have also changed as I have gotten a little older and to be honest I don't see why we can't just have it all! 

  • Do I want to go out and see my friends? YES!, 
  • Do I want to go out dancing, YES! 
  • But do I want to be at home with a cup of tea, hair tied up, wearing my joggers covered in paint, under an electric blanket by 9pm? YES! 


Anyway Dean asked me what I wanted to do for my Birthday and in all honesty, I couldn't think of anything!

Maybe that's because I know it is going to be raining all day on Saturday and everything we can do at the moment involves being outside but actually I am happy with a day just us taking Pablo for a walk in the woods and chilling at home together. 

I have told him not to get me anything for my birthday this year because although he has bought me some lovely and incredible presents in the past.....he has also bought me some terrible ones. It's kind of like russian roulette.

Like the time he bought me an electric scooter (you know the ones you stand on)  Just what every 29 year old woman wants, right! 

Or the time he booked us in to the UK's most haunted, run down  hotel for a night that we arrived at and both agreed there was no way either of us were stepping foot inside so we ended up going and checking ourselves in somewhere else.

I love how random he is sometimes.  


So the only thing I asked for this year was to celebrate with all of you in some way. 


So for my birthday weekend "8th and 9th May" we are giving everyone 20%+ OFF EVERYTHING! 

I managed to get 2 whole days of sale! 

The team said 1 day, I said 3 and we made a deal on 2! 


So all you have to do is go to the store between 6am on 8th May and 11:59pm on 9th May and enter the code BDAY20 at the checkout to get money off!


Anyone else who has a birthday this weekend, Have an amazing Birthday, Birthday Buddy! 

Right, I am going to go and think about what cake I am going to tell Dean I want because I might not know what I want to do for my birthday and I might not want a present but what I do know is that I WANT CAKE! 


Have an amazing day/weekend Beautiful and thanks for listening to the sporadic ramblings of a mid 30's Gal. 


Much Love & Speak when I am 35! 


  • May 07, 2021
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