It's My Birthday!

So I waited a lifetime for my birthday to fall on a Bank Holiday weekend, it finally does and we are in lock down because of a global pandemic.

Cheers Universe! 


So you before I go on, you have probably already seen but if not, this weekend only we have a little birthday sale going on. I figured since I couldn't celebrate with anyone in person we might as well do something to mark my birthday. 


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So I have been reflecting back over the last 4 years a lot this last week, you know as you do when your approaching another year older. 


And for the first time I have been able to really look at how far I personally and this little business of mine has come.


Some things you may not already know is that I started this business 4 years ago wanting to help people like myself, Genuine, real women that just needed a confidence boost, people like me that had acne, rosacea, or just felt insecure because of what we have been conditioned by the media to believe the idea of beauty is. 


This business started with my Kabuki brushes and a desire to make women feel better and see their true beauty...


...And that was about all I had. 


I had no idea how to get my brushes out there for people to try and I had absolutely ZERO desire to be on camera in any way shape or form! 


(I still had huge insecurities and believed no one would want my brushes if I was the one using them) 


So for 2.5 years - almost 3 years I got my friends and even paid models to be on camera for me and no matter how many times people told me I should be the one on camera, I flat out refused!


I was scared, actually scrap that I was terrified, that people would judge me, troll me, that I wouldn't be able to get my words out on camera and that I would make a complete fool of myself so I carried on trying to get everyone and anyone to be the face of this brand. 


We had a slow but steady trickle in of brush sales and the reviews from our customers were incredible but in all honesty, it wasn't paying the bills...not even close and I didn't make a wage I could actually get by on for almost 3 years! 


I honestly felt like giving up, in fact I was seriously considering it. 


I knew we had an amazing product that could help women like me but I just didn't know how to get them out there. 


One day my Lovely Husband said to me;


"Robyn, if you really want to help people you need to get on camera and show them"


"Right now your letting all these people down, all these women that feel the same way you did and right now you could help them but you are refusing to" 


I will be honest, I cried at that moment.


Anyone that knows me, knows I will do more to help others than I will to help myself so the thought that I was letting people down because of my own selfish insecurities really upset me. 


But he was right, It bothered me all night until I realised I just had to do it. I had to get on camera and share what I had learnt, the tips and tricks I knew could help people and more importantly the message that I wanted to get out there that    WE ARE ALL BEAUTIFUL! 


So I picked up my phone that morning, sat in my dressing room, recorded a 6 minute video of some of the tips I knew would help a lot of people, uploaded it, without watching it as I knew if I watched it I would cringe myself out of posting it and then I went on about my day. 


After about 5-10 minutes, I started to get notifications of comments and in all honesty I was terrified to look. I had already pre-empted all of the hate I was going to get from this video but when I looked I was shocked by all the amazing, supportive and positive comments. 


Seeing that this video had helped people completely changed everything, I started doing more videos and even started to go LIVE on my Facebook page. Going LIVE was and still is scary for me to do.


I am actually an introvert so putting myself out there scares the hell out of me. 


I was so lucky to have such an incredible group of women following my page when I posted that first video. If they hadn't been as amazing as they were I probably would of never gotten on camera again but I started to see them as friends and they made me feel safe which meant everything to me. 


Obviously there is a lot more to the story but I won't bore you with it all now but since that first day this little business all about building confidence has gone from me packaging up a few parcels per day in my garage to not being able to manage it alone and having to rope my mum in to help me package up to 200 items per day sometimes!


To where we are now, with a fulfilment team that manage all of the dispatching, selling out of brushes faster than we even imagined possible and and having the most wonderful customers I could of ever wished for. 


We've only just started and I am now continuously working on new products to help as many women as possible get their confidence back and start to see their true beauty but I am so grateful for everything. 


You have all changed my life. From the people that supported that very first video, to the amazing people that have supported my page by liking, commenting and sharing, to the my incredible customers and the beautiful women that send me messages daily and have become close friends. 


Thank you! None of this would of been possible without you. 


  • May 08, 2020
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