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So let's be honest we see high end expensive makeup products being promoted all over social media now a days and don't get me wrong it looks beautiful, the packaging, the finish etc. However there are a lot of times where paying a small fortune for a product will make little to no difference to finish and outcome of your makeup. 

Yep, I said it.

Now don't get me wrong this really is different from person to person, If you like paying more because you like the packaging, you love the particular colour or for you it's worth it because it's that bit easier to use then I am for it, there are times and products I feel the same way about but there are also times that spending more really isn't necessary. 

In this video I give you a run down of what makeup products it's worth splurging a little on and which ones it's not because it's not going to make a dramatic difference to your makeup. - In my opinion splurge or not to splurge, that is the question



Hope this video helps and have a fabulous weekend! 

Much Love 


  • Jul 06, 2023
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