How to Ace the No Makeup, Makeup Look

We've all had those days where we want to hide those dark under eye circles, cover those blemishes here and there but look like a complete natural beauty at the same time.

Well, this is what's known as the No Makeup, Makeup Look! 

For many the No makeup, makeup look feels like a mythical unicorn, it can feel impossible to apply makeup and it not look like makeup so here are my 4 tips to help you achieve that gorgeous natural glow. 


First thing is first, No Makeup Makeup Look is too long and I am probably going to have to say it a fair few times in this post so, because I am lazy, I am going to abbreviate it to: "N.M.M.L"


So I am going to share a few tips with you so that you can master this little pony for yourself. 


Tip #1 

Prep your base! 


Yes, I stress it all the time that skin prep is super important but I am going to stress it again because it really is a sink or swim situation for no makeup makeup. 

Make sure you have exfoliated your skin so that all the dull dead skin cells have been removed leaving your skin looking fresher than Justin Bieber in 2012. 

You are going to want to hydrate, hydrate and hydrate for the N.M.M.L

Hydration will leave your skin looking dewy, healthy and radiant so take your favourite face serum and allow it to soak in and then take either a moisturiser or a moisturising primer like the Smashbox Primerizer and apply it all over the face. you want to make sure you leave enough time between products for them to soak in to the skin. 


Tip #2 

Cream is the Dream

Where possible you want to use cream products as they will help to keep that hydration in the skin and blend seamlessly so BB Creams or CC Creams for a lightweight coverage. If you don't feel like it's not enough coverage for you then go with your old faithful foundation but remember less is more for the no makeup, makeup look.

Some faint "imperfections" on show is not a bad thing for the N.M.M.L as it looks more realistic and like real skin so don't be afraid to wear less foundation and let a little blemish or redness show through here and there. 

If you have gorgeous freckles, take a clean damp beauty sponge and press it over the areas where your freckles are, it will remove some of the foundation you have applied in that area so your freckles can show through giving you that gorgeous fresh faced look.

 If you don't really need the coverage of a foundation just apply a small amount of concealer in strategic places like your under eyes to hide any dark circles etc. but remember the key is less is more so if you are applying concealer to your under eye area try avoiding that area with your foundation. 


Tip #3 

Keep it Simple! 

The best thing about the N.M.M.L is that you can literally get away with using 1 product for everything! 


So for instance you can use your favourite bronzer on your cheeks, temples and forehead AND for your eyeshadow! Just a quick swipe of this across your lids keeps everything within the same colour family which is perfect for a N.M.M.L

side note: If you do wear bronzer, I like to take a swipe over the tip of my nose to give that natural skin finish to the look. the tip of our nose is usually one of the first to get the sun so naturally it has a nice healthy glow of colour to it and bronzer can re-create that. 

If you don't use bronzer then your favourite blusher will also double up as a beautiful wash of colour over the lids to keep everything in keeping and natural. 


Tip #4 


Ok so naturally when we have that gorgeous glowing skin our skin does just that...Glows! We get that gorgeous sheen to the skin where the light reflects off the highest points of our face like the temples, tip/bridge of the nose, cupids bow and the tops of our cheekbones. 

So Highlighting will re-create this and give us that natural, bouncy, youthful complexion. for a N.M.M.L highlight use a strobe cream. These are subtle cream formulas with a slight sheen to it so it doesn't look like highlighter it looks like natural gorgeous glowing skin 

Or alternatively if you don't have any just take a damp makeup sponge, swipe it against your powder highlighter and bounce it over the skin in the areas I pointed out above. It will give it a seamless finish so you can't see where the highlight starts and finishes.  The damp sponge will help it melt in to the foundation and skin for a soft natural finish. 


 Tip #5 

Lip care.


Making sure your lips look hydrated, soft and ready for the mistletoe will make such a difference to your N.M.M.L


Try using a lip exfoliator to get your lips ready for hydration. If you don't have a lip exfoliator you can make your own using honey and sugar,mix them together so you have a nice gritty consistency and rub it on and into your lips to help remove any dead skin and get the blood circulating in your lips for the perfect pout.  Pop on your favourite lip balm, one with a slight sheen will really finish off that overall natural glow. 


Well they are my 5 tips to enhancing your natural beauty. 

Hope this has been helpful and don't forget, any blog posts or videos you want me to do, just email me your suggestions. <3 


Much Love 


  • Dec 11, 2020
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