Fast & Festive Makeup Look

Hey Lovely, 


This weeks video is a quick Christmas Day Makeup Look 


If I don't speak to you before I hope you have an incredible Festive Break, I also want to quickly say that while this time of year for many of us is wonderful, spending time with loved ones, family and friends, for others this can be a very lonely and difficult time so a little extra patience and kindness right now can mean everything to some people. 


Wouldn't it be lovely if we all tried to spread a little extra sparkle where ever we go at this time of year, whether it's the lady working at the checkout, the gentleman at the petrol station, the person you pass walking their dog, or the elderly person that lives alone down the road from you. A smile, a compliment or even just asking how someone is could literally be all they need to help get them through that day. 


Well on that note, here is the video of the Christmas day Makeup Look.






Merry Festivities and Happy Sparkle! 

Much Love & Speak Soon 

  • Dec 17, 2021
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