4 Tips to prevent your makeup from creasing

 Ahhh The age old creasing problem....

OK so first of all you need to understand that creasing is completely normal, we are human beings, we laugh, we squint when the sun is in our eyes, we pull crazy faces when we are doing things like trying not to gauge our eyeballs out while applying mascara and some of us have fine lines. it’s just part of being a human.

 So although we can minimise creasing it’s important to know the odd crease is not noticeable or annoying to anyone but ourselves.


OK so now I’ve got the self acceptance speech out the way lets jump in to it.

Here are my top 4 tips to prevent your makeup from creasing. 



01) Timing….

As with Love, Life and grief, timing is EVERYTHING when it comes to minimising creases.


Liquid Concealers and foundations are wet, we apply it and they begin to set in and get comfortable on our skin, the problem is all of the reasons I mentioned earlier, you know, the; “we are human, we have fine lines, we move our eyes and our faces etc.”, yes well those reasons start to come in to play immediately.


As soon as the product is trying to settle into our skin, we move our eyes and our fine lines group together like an accordion. What happens as we relax our faces and lines again is almost like a cracking effect. The foundation was pushed together in the centre of the fine line and as it’s still wet/tacky it got kind of sandwiched and moulded there, this is what makes our fine lines look much deeper and more exaggerated.  


The trick is to apply setting powder almost immediately after you have applied your foundation or concealer. By applying your setting powder straight away it will dry the products out and give them a fine powdery finish preventing them from sticking together in the centre of our fine lines when we laugh or move our faces. It also prevents the product from pooling


  • Pooling is very similar to creasing but it’s where the product has warmed up on our skin and becomes more fluid, it follows the contours of our skin and runs in to the fine lines and gatherers in the centre of them, this again draws attention to the lines and exaggerates them.

So as I said the trick is to apply setting powder immediately after you have blended out your concealer or foundation, for best results use a finely milled setting powder like Laura Mercier setting

powder or Ben-Nye. And apply it in a pressing motion with a tapered setting brush like the Zamira Setting Brush.

*Added tip – if you didn’t apply it immediately because I don’t know you were busy breathing or sneezing and you notice it’s already started to crease don’t panic. Before you set it with setting powder just take your Kabuki brush (or what ever you applied your foundation with) and dab it over the creases, this will push the product back out of the fine lines and smooth it all out again ready for you to apply your setting powder, locking the creases out and the makeup in. 



2) Prep, prep, prep!


If you know you have dry or “crepey” (my word of choice for my wrinkly under eye area) eyes then preparation is going to become your new best friend.

Apply a hydrating eye serum or moisturiser directly under your eye area, this will help re-hydrate the area and plump up the skin reducing the depth and appearance of the lines and help your makeup apply smoother.



3) Be strategic

Place your concealer strategically in the inner triangle of your inner corner of the eyes as this is where most of the darkness shows through and also where the skin is smoother. Blend the concealer down and outwards so there is less product in the crease danger zone.

For a lightweight feathered concealer blend I use the Zamira Stippling brush, use the brush in light circular motions to get that seamless blend.


4)Less is so much more!

When it comes to the crease danger zone less really is more! Try using a lightweight concealer, If you have colour corrected and your applying concealer to your under eye area, trying stopping your foundation just before your creasing area as realistically you don’t need all 3 products stacked on top of each other in this 1 area, the thicker the makeup in the danger zone the more exaggerated the creasing.

Try just colour correcting with a lightweight liquid formula like the Barry M Colour correcting wands and blend it out with the Zamira Stippling Brush.


Well That’s my 4 top tips to prevent creasing.


I hope this has helped and don’t forget you can send in any requests for Blog Posts by using the contact us form on the website and using the subject “Blog Request”


Much Love


  • Feb 10, 2020
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