Antimicrobial Makeup Sponges

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Pack of 2 Antimicrobial Makeup Sponges for blending out cream and liquid products, removing excess makeup, reducing makeup build-up in fine lines and wrinkles, and applying highlighting products for a soft natural glow.



To Use: Run the sponge under warm water and squeeze it to allow in water. Then squeeze out the water, do this a few times, the sponge is then ready to use.



To Clean: Cleansing your sponge weekly will extend the life of it and get rid of bacteria.

1. Submerge the sponge under running water, squeeze the water out of the sponge

2. Add a few sprays of the COABE Makeup Brush Shampoo or your soap of choice.

3. Squeeze sponge repeatedly until the soap begins to lather. Continue to squeeze, but do not pinch or rub to avoid rips.

4. Rinse under water, continuing to squeeze to remove suds.

5. If the sponge doesn't lather or is still stained from heavy product build up, repeat steps 1-5.

6. Squeeze out extra water with towel and leave to dry.


Vegan Friendly         LATEX FREE



Antimicrobial Makeup Sponges

Customer Reviews

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Lorraine R. (Ilminster, GB)
Makeup Sponges

So easy to use no messing ,washes all makeup off easily ,leaves skin soft and clean .

Laura S. (Bradford, GB)

Brilliant sponges

Margo M. (Basingstoke, GB)


Andrea W. (Sherburn in Elmet, GB)
Antimicrobial make up sponges

Love, love, love them. I just pat gently around my eye area so my look less wrinkly.


The best make up sponges.