Why am I being billed £4.95 per month?

You will be billed £4.95 per month because you selected the option to try the COABE Club Membership for £4.95 and in return we give you a Flat Top Kabuki Brush worth £18.95.

Below is the text from the offer you chose during your order process.

COABE. would like to add the flat top kabuki brush to your package as a big thank you for taking the COABE Club for a test drive. By taking the extra flat top kabuki brush you agree to a 30 Day trial membership fee to the COABE Club for just £4.95.

If you love being in the club and all the benefits you receive, do nothing and you'll be billed normal COABE Club dues of just £4.95 per month after your trial. In doing so there is NO contract or long term obligation and you can cancel at anytime and still keep the additional FREE flat top kabuki brush, just for giving the club a chance. 


How do I cancel my  membership subscription?

If you would like to cancel your COABE Club membership, you would need to cancel 7 days before your re-bill date. Please get in-touch by using the Contact Us page by Clicking Here