Which Foundation is best for you

This is without a doubt the questions I get asked the most, 

"What Foundation would you recommend for me?" 🤷‍♀️


This is a really difficult question for me to answer because, well, we are all different.

Foundation is definitely not a one size fits all product.  

Not only do we all have different preferences on how much coverage, some people like a lightweight coverage, some people prefer full coverage. 

Then you have to factor in the type of finish you want for instance, some people like a Dewy finish, some people like matte and some people like something in-between like a satin finish. 

Even after you have picked all of your preferences like you are at a wedding buffet, you then have the big question....what skin type do you have, some people have dryer skin, some people normal, oily or combination. 


So you can see why it's a very difficult question for me to answer 

Although I can't answer this question for you I can give you some pointers to help you in choosing the right foundation for you. 


Find your skin type


So for this you need to know your skin, do you have dryer skin, sometimes find that your foundations cling to those dry areas? 

Or do you have oily skin and you notice your makeup seems to look shiny/begins to slide off within a couple of hours of applying it?

Do you have a combination of both? combination skin is often where you have dryer skin around the outside of your face and oily skin in the centre/T-zone area. 

Or do you have none of the above in which case you have normal skin... in which case, thank your lucky stars you are one of the rare ones. :) 


Choose a foundation that suits your skin type 

Ok so now you know your skin type, you want to choose a foundation which contains ingredients that will work with and not against it. 

Oily Skin: 

For oily skin you want to avoid foundations that contain oil. Your skin is oily as it is adding more oil in to your products will only cause it to slide off /shine like a disco ball sooner. Most foundations now tell you on the back of them whether they contain oil or not. 

Foundations that contain things like Salyicilic acid are also an added bonus, Salycilic acid helps to reduce the production of oil so I would either recommend getting this in to your skin through either a face serum before applying makeup or in your foundation it's self. 

Dry Skin: 

OK so you probably guessed it but if you have dryer skin you want to take the opposite approach to oily skin. 

You want to find a foundation that ideally does contain oil or some other moisturising elements. You do not want a water based foundation. The reason being these will just dry your skin out more and will cling to your dryer areas making them appear more noticeable. 


OK so with combination skin you ideally want to stick to products that do not contain oil, again this is because your makeup will begin to slide off in your oily areas within a few hours of applying it especially if your oily area is your T-zone. 

Normal Skin: 

First off, I don't know why we call it Normal as it is actually the rarest skin type 

But you might of already guessed it but you literally have the pick of the bunch when it comes to foundation ingredients.  

See I told you, you are lucky one 😄


OK now you have that out the way it's time to choose a coverage you are happy with. Usually the thicker the consistency of foundation, the fuller the coverage. 

This really comes down to testing. You can swatch "high street" foundations in the shops to get an idea of how the coverage will be on you and if you are going for a more high end foundation, the lovely ladies that work the specific brand counter like Estee lauder,  Lancome, Dior, Bobbi Brown etc.  will usually be able to give you a free sample to take home with 3 or 4 days worth of product to try so you can really see if it's going to be right for you before you spend your hard earned money on it. 


Don't be affraid to mix! 

Yes you heard me, mix foundations!



My everyday foundation is Revlon Colourstay for Oily/combination skin (they also do one for dry/normal skin) I am happy with the coverage and it is a nice inexpensive foundation for everyday however it doesn't stay put all day which is fine when I am just wearing it to the office etc. or only nipping out for a few hours. 

If I am going out at the weekends or for an evening of dancing (and sweating) - side note....this is pretty much never happens anymore. 😂

I will actually mix 2 foundations together! I mix Estee Lauder Double wear with Lancome Teint Idol foundation. The reason I do this is Estee Lauder Doublewear is super long lasting which is great! 


It doesn't have the full coverage I need for my acne prone skin, It also clings to my dryer areas a little too much for me but Lancome Teint Idol has the perfect coverage and prevents it from sticking to my dry areas so the two together is the perfect combination for me. 

I take a little compact mirror or a deodorant lid, put a little of each foundation in and mix it together with a little brush before applying it to my face. 

This for me is like the perfect combination and the only reason I don't wear it everyday is because they are around £30 each and it just seems a little excessive to use as an everyday foundation but that is just me. 


So yes don't be afraid to try mixing foundations together to get the best of both worlds if it's not right on it's own 


I hope this has helped you in your quest to find a foundation that works for you and remember there is no one size fits all with foundation and it does take a little trial and error. 💖


Much Love 


  • Jul 31, 2020
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