"Maskne" is real

You may of experienced this yourself or heard others mentioning it recently but either way we aren't going crazy!

People really ARE experiencing breakouts caused by wearing our protective masks. 


There are a few reasons why these little protective masks that are causing "Maskne" 


1) They are abrasive!

The mask fibres are brushing and rubbing against your skin without you even being aware of it, it's causing micro tears in the skins surface layer which leads to bacteria getting in and causing inflammation and breakouts. 


2) Moisture & Sweat!

We are breathing in to the mask and all of that moisture is then being directed to our skin and held there, there is also the fact that it causes an increase in oil production and sweat and so the moisture and oil sit on top of your skin or sit in your pores and cause a breakout. 


So if you have been wondering why you have been getting more spots around your chin and mouth area recently, this could be the culprit. 


There is something to remember though, these masks could literally save yours or someone else life "Maskne" is temporary and let's be honest most of it is hidden behind our masks anyway but these masks could literally be the difference between life and death for some people so as inconvenient as it is, it's certainly not a reason to stop wearing them. 💖


There are a few things you can do to help prevent "Maskne" 🙌

Dermatologist Dr Angeline Yong said in an interview with the BBC recently that switching thick, occlusive skincare creams tor a lightweight water-based product instead could help to prevent oils being blocked in to pores and will act as a lightweight barrier against the micro chafing of the mask. 


She also mentions that you should be using a mild and gentle exfoliator to support the absorption of your moisturiser. 


A lot of leading dermatologists are recommending using fragrance free cleansers with luke warm water, if you have oily skin use a foaming cleanser if it's dry, irritated or sensitive you should reach for a cream cleanser instead. 


If your skin is already irritated avoid using scrubs or exfoliators as it will irritate the skin further and always pat your skin dry do not rub. 


Cleanse morning and night and if you have been sweating under your mask try using a gentle cleanser that won't strip the skin immediately after getting home and removing your mask. 

You want to keep your skin moisturised as it will soothe irritated skin and encourage those micro tears in the skin surface to heal


If you are using a fabric mask try to wash it daily and if you are using the disposable masks make sure you are picking out a fresh one each day to avoid bacteria and sweat build up. 

When it comes to mask choice, again safety really needs to a priority but silk masks are much less of an irritant to the skin according to Dr Mahto 


Also less is definitely more, if you feel comfortable enough to not wear foundation and base makeup products this will definitely help as the more products on your skin the hotter it will become and more you will sweat. 


The masks are bringing a focus to our eyes now so there has never been a better time to really make your eyes pop and focus your morning routine there instead of your base face makeup. 


Anyway I hope this has given you some information that will help and if nothing else clarified that no, you aren't imagining it, "Maskne" is real! 


Much Love & Speak Soon 

  • Aug 07, 2020
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