Makeup sponges & preventing creasing

Hey Lovely, 


I have something exciting to share today! But first I want to say thank you so much to those of you that have been patiently waiting for this and messaging about them, I am sorry it has taken so much longer than expected. 


Before we jump into the video there is something I just want to mention quickly and that is that we are human beings! Makeup will crease because it is sitting on skin that moves when we laugh, when we sneeze, when we know, when we do human things and it is absolutely fine. Please don't ever think that you are doing something wrong because your makeup creases because all of ours does, mine does.

This is just a tip on how to reduce the amount it creases that's all.  


Anyway here is what you really want to see....the video <3 


I don't know why the pink colour of the sponge wouldn't show up on camera but here is the link to them so you can see them properly. 

Today is the last day of our January Sale so our sponges will have 10% OFF for Today only.



Nars Radiant Concealer

COABE Makeup Sponge

Laura Mercier Pressed Setting Powder

Wet n Wild Highlighting Powder



I hope you have the most incredible weekend. 

Much Love 


  • Jan 07, 2022
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