How, When and Why - Cleaning your Brushes

OK, So I know this is not one of the most exciting topics but It is an important one and probably one of my most commonly asked questions.


So how often should we clean our brushes?


Well this kind of depends on how often you use them. Some people use them once per week some people use them every day. So this really comes down to your own judgement.


I usually recommend once per week but I know some of you will want to run for the hills and hide when you hear that so I would say as a minimum once per month!

There are a few reasons cleaning your brushes is so important.



Yes bacteria can build on your brushes over time and you will then take that makeup brush and rub it over your face. It can be the cause of bacterial acne breakouts and can even be the cause of a nasty staph infection on your skin! So to keep bacteria at bay give your brushes a clean!


Caked-up brushes mean caked-up makeup!

OK so if the bacteria info didn’t scare you in to cleaning your brushes then maybe this will…

Your brushes were designed with a specific type of bristle for a specific type of product, they were designed to be able to move freely over your face to evenly distribute your product, buff it in to your skin, blend out contour and press powder in to the skin.

Over time, just like the baggage of our past relationships, the build up and accumulation of product attaching to the bristles can begin to weigh them down

You can even see it yourself sometimes, You might of noticed your foundation or concealer brush bristles have started to group together or feel firmer than Dwayne Johnson's biceps, well this means it’s time for a good clean. If those bristles aren’t able to freely move they won’t be able to evenly blend your products and be a cause of either cakey makeup or streaky/patchy foundation.  


OK so that’s the why and how often out of the way. Time for the HOW!

 Here is a video I did on the best way to clean your makeup brushes.



If you don't have a makeup brush cleaner shampoo you can get it on our website here: Makeup Brush Shampoo ,

The Brush Cleaner Pads are also available on our website, here is a link to check them out. Brush Cleaner Pad


Here are some VERY important things you are aware of before you begin cleaning!


The term water off a ducks back does not apply to makeup brushes!!

Always hold your brushes so the bristles are facing down in the sink! You never want the water to run in to the bristles and down in to the handle.

The bristles of your brushes have been glued in place at the bottom, water that gets in, can effect the glue and cause it to break down meaning your brushes will begin shedding quicker than your dogs winter coat!

Also The water will split the handle, The handles are made of wood and by being soaked with water from the inside the wood will begin to expand, when it can’t expand any more because of the ferrule (the metal part that holds your bristles), the pressure will build and your handle will begin to crack.

so to summarise DO NOT! leave your brushes to soak in the water and do not allow the water to flow in to the handle.



  • Drying, You do not want to dry your brushes with a hair dryer, 1 the heat will dry the bristles out and cause them to become brittle and snap or 2, the heat will cause the fibres to warp and stick together.
  • Don’t stand your brushes upright when drying, again this can cause all the water to drip in to the brush handle and damage your brush.


If you have a brush drying stand then, you are seriously posh, no In all seriousness you want to place the brushes in to it with the bristles facing down.


If like most of us you don’t own a brush drying stand then there are a couple of ways you can dry your brushes around the home at no extra cost.


  • The hair bobble /elastic band trick!

 Take a draining board, place it on it's side so the lines run sideways, attach your makeup brush with an elastic band or hair bobble to the draining board so the bristles are facing down towards the sink/floor this will allow the water to run out the brush as it dries. 

  • The towel trick!

Here is a quick video on how you can dry your brushes so the water can drain out of them using just a towel. 


Well, that's just about everything.

Hopefully this post will of inspired you to get cleaning your brushes...I said inspired not excited :) 


Much Love & Speak Soon 


  • Feb 24, 2020
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