How to remove all your Makeup with just WATER!

Hey Lovelies, 


Today's Vlog was probably the quickest video I have ever recorded and it felt strange, like there should be more I needed to tell you or show you or something but there really wasn't. 

I posted last week to say that our brand new Makeup Remover Pads had now become available, this product was kind of exciting for me because it was the first finished item/packaging with our new logo on which is so cool to see but also because I LOVE Them! 

So a lot of you went crazy for them, thank you by the way! <3 and some of you wanted more information on how to actually use them because well, yes they kind of sound to good to be true. 


You literally just use warm water with them and it takes off all your makeup! I am talking, mascara, eyeliner, brow gels and matte liquid lipsticks! 


So rather than me ramble on I am just going to post the video below so you can see for yourself. 



So that's it! 

As I said in the video I usually give mine a quick wash with hand soap and a quick rinse in the bathroom after I have used it and pop it on the radiator to dry and just give it a proper wash once or twice per week in the washing machine with my white washing. 


So here is the link to the Makeup Remover Pads!


Due to Covid our supply was limited so we only had a limited number sent to us that were ready BUT...if they have sold out when you click the link don't worry we do have the rest of the order arriving next week so it's not too long to wait. 


Well that's it from me this week. 


Much Love & Speak Soon 

P.S. - Don't forget how beautiful you are <3 


  • Oct 02, 2020
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