How To Reduce, Fine Lines, Pores, Scarring and Wrinkles!

Hey beautiful! 

I thought i would start the blog post that way so you know I mean no sadistic harm in today's blog post 

OK so someone asked me last night if I would do a review on a little product I have been using for a while now called a DERMAROLLER! 

I don't know why I just put that in capitals, it just wanted it to sound as scary as it looks. 


I bought this little torture device around 4 months ago and I will be completely honest I have NOT been as consistent with it as I should be and by that I mean really really bad at remembering to use it. 



I can already see a big difference. 

If you are wondering what the hell this little medieval looking contraption does well here is a list of PRO's for you. 


OK I promise no more dark sinister stuff 



Pro's to Dermaroller:

  • Reduces scaring, especially acne scaring
  • Creates more collagen in the skin
  • helps reduce enlarged pores
  • reduces fine lines and wrinkles 
  • Reduce oil production in oily skin
  • Reduces stretchmarks


The Pro's are pretty impressive but there are some Con's to these little devices so I want to make sure you have both sides of the coin here. 


Con's to Dermaroller: 

  • You do not see the results right away - it takes between 3-6 weeks to see the difference and you must do it correctly and consistently in that time. 
  • If done too often it could cause scaring 
  • You shouldn't over do it, 1-3 times per week is enough for this treatment as you need to allow your skin the time to begin the healing process between.
  • You need to check the needles are not bent 
  • Dermarollers must be kept clean. 
  • Shouldn't be used on areas with rosacea 
  • Do not use on sunburnt skin
  • Shouldn't be used if you are currently medications such as Accutane
  • Feels uncomfortable


OK so that's the pro's and the con's out of the way so your probably wondering how the hell this little device that looks like a prop, fresh out of the Purge film set is going to do all of this magical stuff, well put simply:

A cluster of tiny needles in this device puts tiny pin holes in to the skin which in turn tells the body to produce more collagen to heal and protect the area. the body begins producing more collagen and then your body will distribute it to the areas that need it and this will gradually increase overtime. 

This is why it takes time and consistency to see real results. 


Another added benefit is that if you use your dermaroller with a few drops of your favourite face serum that serum will be able to get even deeper in to your skin through the tiny pin holes and hydrate and rejuvenate your skin from deeper.


I started off being really consistent with it for around 4 weeks and then sloped off but around 1 -2 weeks later I started to see the biggest difference around my pores. don't get me wrong this won't make your pores vanish.

I have explained this before but I had some over stretched pores that had lost elasticity and this has definitely shrunk them and firmed up the skin in those areas.

I really regret not getting a close up before picture so you could see my pores etc. 

I am back on the Derma wagon now and using it twice per week religiously. 

There is one other thing you need to decide before you buy one of these and that is the needle size you want...I know it really does sound like some twisted 50 shades kind of stuff but depending on what you want the dermaroller to do will determine how big the needles need to be.  

There is a table below to help you out. I went for a 1mm needle as i wanted it to help with my acne scaring. 



When you use a dermaroller you want to make sure you skin is clean and clear, apply a few drops of your serum to your face and then gently roll it up and down the areas you need. I would recommend only going over an area once or twice with the roller or you are going to start to get very sore and could do some damage to your skin. 

Once I have used the dermaroller I apply a little bit more serum to my face before going to bed. 


Word of warning, your face will go red after this so you only want to do this at night when your skin has time to soothe and calm before you have to leave the house. 

So there you have it, that is all my dermaroller knowledge so far.

I would recommend doing your research before starting with a dermaroller but ultimately you can get these from almost everywhere now. I got mine from Amazon and it had lots of good reviews. 


Let me know if you try it and what you think. 

Much Love 

  • May 29, 2020
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