COABE Turns 5!

I can't believe I am writing this but COABE is about to turn 5 years old! 


We may have had some name changes along the way which I have spoken about briefly in a previous blog post (issues with trademarks etc.)  But on the 6th July 2016 our very first ever product went on sale, that was the product that started this whole journey off for me, our Kabuki Brush. 


I remember being so nervous and excited waiting for the website to go live. I was nervous because I had put everything in to it and there was no going back.


I had quit my job to start this business, I had spent the money my now husband invested/gave me to buy my first few boxes of stock etc. so I knew I had to make this work. 


I remember after a few nights of almost no sleep and working until the early hours of the morning on the website to make sure it was ready in time, my mind started spiralling!


One minute it was filled with excitement that this little brush was about to be available to the world (OK slight exaggeration, it was just the UK) but you get the picture.


And then in the next minute my mind was racing with:

"what if no one likes them?",

"what if no one even wants them?",

"I am going to be a total failure, and even worse, I will of let Dean down".


Dean was the only one who really, truly, whole heartedly believed in me at that time. Dean believed in me WAY more than I believed in myself to be honest. 


When that very first customer placed their order it was like I had been given permission to breathe again because someone, just someone had wanted to buy my little brush and that meant everything. 


I would love to say it was all plain sailing from there but that would be an absolute lie. There were a few very tough years and times ahead, times I seriously thought about giving the dream up all together (thank goodness I didn't) but I will leave that for another blog post because this is one to celebrate.


So the 6th July marks a very special day, the day this little company and the Kabuki brushes were born. 

Here is a quick video where I explain what we will be doing to celebrate. 


P.S> I almost set myself on fire recording this. 😂




On Tuesday 6th July we will be having a birthday sale and there will be 20% upwards off of everything on the store. The discount will be automatically added to your basket on the day. 


The sale will start at 6am and will end at 11:59pm 

We also have 1 more surprise which I mentioned in the video above. 

The person to place their order closest to the time our very first website went live will get their entire order for free!  

It's kind of like a guess the time of the birth game.


Well that's it really I just thought I would let you know about the upcoming birthday bash. 


I hope you have a wonderful weekend lovely. 

Much Love 



  • Jul 02, 2021
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