Bye, Bye 2021

Hey Beautifuls, 


I can't believe this is our last Blog of 2021! 

Where on earth did this year go? 


I wanted to use this weeks blog post to say the biggest THANK YOU! 

Thank you for supporting us with your custom, 

Thank you for supporting us with your comments on our posts

Thank you for watching me ramble on in my stories

Thank you for supporting us with your likes and shares on our videos and content. 

Thank you for showing an interest in my weekly blog videos

Thank you for telling your friends and family about us

Thank you for being a friendly ear when I needed it. 

YOU are honestly the best group of friends I could of ever wished for. 


I have grown in so many ways this year and I don't just mean my waistline. 

We launched our Makeup Brush Shampoo this year, It took almost 2 years to get it right and ready to launch but it was so so worth the wait.

Seeing the lovely messages from you all saying how much time it's saved you when cleaning your brushes and how they look like new again means the world to me. 

We have been doing our "Through The Plug Hole" Live video's as we rightly named them where we get together while I clean brushes and answer your questions and have a good old chat. (P.S.  - There will be another one happening between Christmas and New Year) 

Some of our brushes are finally in the new Packaging, I wanted our brushes in individual boxes for so so long and this year we were finally able to make it a reality.

It might sound like such a small thing but I really wanted to reduce our single use plastic, I wanted the brushes to have the pretty packaging they always deserved and I also wanted you to be able to proudly give them to loved ones as gifts. 

This year seeing that finally come to life has been incredible and the rest of the brushes will be in their boxes early next year. 

We are working on LOTS of new products for the next 12 months and although Dean will kill me for letting this out of the bag...

We have been working on some incredible new skin care products over the last 12 months that we are hoping to have ready to launch within the next 6 months.

We have been working with an incredible formulator, it's been lots of trial and error, testing and tweaking to get it exactly as I want and we are almost there so I can't wait for you to see it. 

I am also working on cosmetics at the moment which some of you have been asking for a lot recently and I am excited to be able to show you more behind the scenes of the development process over the next 12 months. 

I know this year hasn't been what we hoped in terms of the pandemic etc. but here is to a better 2022 for us all. 

Well that's it from me for this year. I will be on social media over the festive break, since I will have more time I will try and fit in a couple of Live makeup videos so hopefully I will catch you on them. 


Have an incredible break lovelies. 

Much Love & Speak Soon 







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