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Hey Beautifuls, 

This weekend I am out on Saturday evening for a surprise event for a friend....I don't want to say anymore than that in case she is reading this.

And on Sunday I am meeting my best friend for a Sunday Dinner with all the trimmings so the healthy eating will have to take a pause this weekend even though it's only just begun


I was just sitting and planning Saturday, I am going to have a pamper day although I don't think they are called that anymore are they, they are called self care days now which I think is a much better name. I don't think having a little bit of you time should be classed as a "pamper" or deemed as a luxury we should all take time for ourselves from time to time especially in this insanely busy world we now live in it's essential. 


So anyway, I am going to get my nails done first thing....because well, if I have to deal with these grown out talons for one more day, I might accidentally poke my eye out. 

Once I have had them done I am going to have a day of self care for a few hours before I go out for my friends very secretive surprise. 

I was sitting and thinking about what I am going to do and it dawned on me that I don't remember the last time I had a day or a few hours on my own at home purely for self care. 

We are probably all very similar in that we sucked into everything that needs doing rather than what we want to do. washing, cleaning, cooking, food shopping, cleaning up the mud the dog just ran in all over the light grey rug (that one happened again this morning before I left home)  you get the picture. You busy mums even more so, you spend all your time taking care of everyone else and leave very little time for yourself. 

In reality a few hours of taking time for ourselves to relax, calm our minds,  breathe and do something we enjoy is absolutely essential. 

So if you haven't taken a self care day or few hours in a long time then this is your kick up the bum, decide on a day and time and just do it! 


Here are a few idea's for you to spend some quality time with YOU. 


Go for a walk in nature without a goal - This is on my list 

The chance for some to get out of the house with no errands or goal in mind, away from children, partners etc. is rare for a lot of people.

It's Autumn now, the leaves are starting to change and lets be honest there is nothing more beautiful than nature. Not only will walking get your endorphins going but it is a chance to clear your mind and breathe and relax. 

So wrap up warm and cosy, get your favourite hot beverage in a flask or "to go cup" or what ever the cool kids call them and just go for a stroll around a park, your local woods where ever is convenient for you. 


Unplug! - This is on my list 

I LOVE unplug days and I think they are so so beneficial in this social scrolling environment we are all in now. There are so many digital distractions it is very difficult to be truly in the moment. Switch your phone on silent, leave it somewhere you won't be tempted to check and let your brain take a break. 



Take a bath!

having a bubble bath complete with candles and your favourite bath bomb can be all it takes to unwind sometimes. If your not a bath person like my husband then grab a bowl or bucket and give yourself a foot soak. The warm water will help your muscles relax and ease tension. 


Kickstart that Hobby! 

If there is a hobby you used to love but just don't get the time for anymore or maybe you have been wanting to start something new for a while, DO IT!

Whether it's painting, drawing, learning to horse ride, cross stitch, tennis, what ever it is, start doing it.

Doing something just because you enjoy it is one of the biggest gifts you can give yourself and is adding to your internal joy cup. 






Dance! - This is on my list 

Yep, take yourself off into a room, put on your favourite song and dance like you have never danced before. No one is watching so don't hold back. There is nothing more mood lifting than dancing like no one is watching. 


Spa day or at home spa! - This is on my list

Book a day to go to a spa or create your own at home spa day with your favourite body scrub, body lotions, paint your nails, put on a face mask etc. 

Clear your skin as well as your mind. 


Watch the sun set/rise - This is on my list (sun rise) 

Just sit and watch the sun either set or rise, don't film it, don't post about it on social media, just sit comfortably with a glass of wine or drink of your choice and watch the beautiful colours of the sky change. 


Look at the stars

Get wrapped up, take a blanket outside with a cup of hot chocolate, sit in a chair or lay on the grass and just look at the stars, try and find shapes in the stars, figure out which one is the brightest, the biggest etc. 


Road Trip!

Ok so that's an exaggeration what I actually mean is go for a drive in your car for no reason at all.  Drive around, take the country roads, go and explore areas you haven't before, but the most important part of this is to go armed with your favourite music, crank it all the way up and SING AT THE TOP OF YOUR LUNGS! there is nothing more freeing.

There are so many more ideas but these are just a few so pick yours and have a well deserved and essential few hours/day of self care. 


Have a wonderful weekend my lovely and look after you 


Much Love & Speak Soon 





  • Oct 22, 2021
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