Base Makeup - Do's & Don'ts!

I have been asked a few questions recently around how to colour match foundation when purchasing it in store, how to blur enlarged pores, how to prevent makeup creasing in fine lines and wrinkles etc. 


So I figured it would be best to do a Do's and Don'ts video to show you the difference these little changes and tweaks can make to your base makeup. 


I will do some more of these Do's and Don'ts video's soon for eye makeup, brows, lips etc. but today's was just on base makeup. 

(disclaimer) - the video cut off at the end (you will see the screen goes black) before I got to say good bye. I will sort this out but it's literally taken me all afternoon because of computer issues to upload it so it will have to be another day. 


Anyway here is the video <3 



Because I didn't get to say it in the video, here it is, "Have an amazing weekend, day, afternoon or evening/what ever day or time it is when you are watching this." 


Much Love 


  • Oct 16, 2020
  • Category: MY DIARY
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